Friday. We spent 3 hours waiting for a delayed plane, then they cancelled it. We managed to rebook to the next one (in the evening) which was delayed as well. 13 hrs on the airport (with a lunch break in Docklands). At the hotel in Stockholm at 2 o’clock.

Saturday. We met with Johan’s Uncle Howard, who was also our tour-guide, and a very good one. Brilliant dinner in a vegan restaurant Lao Wai.
Sunday. We went to Fotografiska, the contemporary photography museum. It was a bit crowded, and there was a queue, but it was worth it. An amazing exhibition of Nick Brandt’s works. In the evening we took a train to the far North, to Abisko (18 hrs)
Monday. Abisko. Snow and wind. Sunset at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. November is off-season, there were a very few people there.
Tuesday. No wind. A very nice walk to the lake. Train back to Stockholm.
Wednesday. In Stockholm at 10 in the morning. We went to Nobel Museum, there was an exhibition about Maria Skłodowska- Curie. Back to London in the evening.
A very interesting, if short, trip. I love Stockholm. Feels like a relief after London. Streets wide enough to not to feel suffocated. A very elegant architecture. Lots of bikes everywhere.
The North as the North should be: cold and empty. Beautiful.

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