Last Saturday Johan and I spent a very nice afternoon at friend’s allotment. Help was needed with fruit. I hoped there would be sour cherries.. and they were! We were told to pick as much as we want. So, with me being greedy, we got about 8 kilo. It’s good we had a tubtrug with us (i thought i was being overoptimistic, but apparently not!). Also we got red currants. Otherwise known as Johan’s berries. (they are called Johannisbeeren in german). So following Sunday I spent on washing fruit (2 hours), searching my neighbourhood shops for sugar (found only 1 kilo of sugar i liked), removing currants from stems (3 hours), stoning cherries (6 hours). umph…

But all the hard work was worthwhile. I have 7 jars of currant jelly, 2 liters of cherry syroup, 8 jars of cherry preserve and also big jars with cherry liqueur and currant liqueur in the making. Yummy!

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