New Flat

So, when my life’s boring and I have a lot of time I have nothing to write about, and when there are a lot of things happening – I have no time to write about them.

We were looking for a new flat from the mid February. It took a lot of phone-calls, emails and not-so-many viewings and finally we found what we wanted: 2-bedroom flat in Stoke Newington in North London. We moved the house on April 1st. The flat is nice and big, has a lot of storage room and a big kitchen. And we have a terrace (shared with the up-stairs neighbours). I already planted a lot of herbs in pots there, they have just started to germinate. And, additionally… I have a garden! Almost. It’s more something like a big flower bed in the back yard. It was neglected and abandoned and our landlord let me restore it. I’m so happy about it!

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