Friday. We spent 3 hours waiting for a delayed plane, then they cancelled it. We managed to rebook to the next one (in the evening) which was delayed as well. 13 hrs on the airport (with a lunch break in Docklands). At the hotel in Stockholm at 2 o’clock.

Saturday. We met with Johan’s Uncle Howard, who was also our tour-guide, and a very good one. Brilliant dinner in a vegan restaurant Lao Wai.
Sunday. We went to Fotografiska, the contemporary photography museum. It was a bit crowded, and there was a queue, but it was worth it. An amazing exhibition of Nick Brandt’s works. In the evening we took a train to the far North, to Abisko (18 hrs)
Monday. Abisko. Snow and wind. Sunset at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. November is off-season, there were a very few people there.
Tuesday. No wind. A very nice walk to the lake. Train back to Stockholm.
Wednesday. In Stockholm at 10 in the morning. We went to Nobel Museum, there was an exhibition about Maria Skłodowska- Curie. Back to London in the evening.
A very interesting, if short, trip. I love Stockholm. Feels like a relief after London. Streets wide enough to not to feel suffocated. A very elegant architecture. Lots of bikes everywhere.
The North as the North should be: cold and empty. Beautiful.

October of culture

We had a lot of pleasant activities last month. There was a meeting with Terry Pratchett, with his newest book, Snuff. There was the Bfi international film festival. Unfortunately, non-members get the chance to buy tickets much later then members, so we saw just 2 films. But one of them was a very good slovak film, The house by Zuzana Liova.
Three concerts! Misty in roots, Warsaw Village Band (!) and Amsterdam Klezmer band. All the concerts very good. Polish band amazing, Johan liked them very much too.
And i’m writting all this while sitting at London City Aiport, all in the fog, hoping, that they won’t cancel our plane to Stockholm (3 hrs delayed now).