Grunewald is a forest in Berlin. We went there for a walk. There were mosquitoes… a lot of them. One couldn’t stop even for a moment, as they would momentarily sit and eat. So we walked very briskly and I couldn’t really take any pictures. So no pictures from the…

Updated photo albums

So i finally got to updating pictures – from Spring trip to Prague, as well as recent trip to Dresden, München and Salzburg. Enjoy!

Surprise guests

I was expecting some wildlife in my window boxes, but this really exceeded my expectations!

Spring is coming after all

I’m very happy to announce that there will be Spring this year, and maybe quite soon. And here’s the proof.


5 days in Prague. Yeah, again. I felt like i had to go back after a short visit in summer. And 5 days it’s not enough, of course, but I think I used the time well. I stayed in Žižkov district, which is very close to the center (2 tram…


We grow chilli in our windowboxes – 2 plants of jalapeño and one of bhut jolokia. Most of them are ripe so we decided to make salsa. Actually 4 different salsas. I made 2 very mild and Johan made 2 very spicy ones.


A very nice few days in Prague. Of course a few days is not enough to see even a fraction of what this city has to offer. We had a very good time. Old Town and Castle bit too crowded, but I spent a very nice day in Libeň, trying to…

Wonderful visit

A very nice visit of a friend from London. We have similar tastes and interests, so sightseeing together was a delight. Two highlights. Hamburgerbanhoff Amazing architecture. And the right to be lazy in the front. An exhibition of  Gülsün Karamustafa, a Turkish artist, whom i didn’t know before. Amazing. Very difficult subjects,…


Last Saturday Johan and I spent a very nice afternoon at friend’s allotment. Help was needed with fruit. I hoped there would be sour cherries.. and they were! We were told to pick as much as we want. So, with me being greedy, we got about 8 kilo. It’s good we…

what we saw in Warsaw

 After our previous visit in Warsaw, while checking something on googlemaps, Johan exclaimed “how come we didn’t go to see the planes!” (you can see them in google earth). Indeed, there are planes in an open air exhibition in the Polish Army Museum. So this time of course we went to see the…