every half a year?

So it seems I just can’t update notes regularly…
Anyway, I’m going to post a lot of photos in the next few days. I was taking a lot of pictures recently. A lot. Sometimes hundreds a day. Usually only a few of them are good enough, but it still makes a hundred a month. So here will be maybe a half, or less, of what i’m publishing on Flickr. It’s here, if you’re curious.


It seems like we can’t stay still this year. We’ve been in the UK, in Poland and twice in Munich. Of course there’s a lot of pictures to prove it. I fell in love in Deutsches Museum in Munich, there were so many Little People. In London i had amazing time visiting Kew Gardens and Kensington Gardens with friends.

Goldfinches again!

After a nice discovery last year (that Goldfinches like cornflower seeds), i made sure i had plenty of cornflowers in my window boxes this year. And they came again, and keep coming!


Grunewald is a forest in Berlin. We went there for a walk. There were mosquitoes… a lot of them. One couldn’t stop even for a moment, as they would momentarily sit and eat. So we walked very briskly and I couldn’t really take any pictures. So no pictures from the forest, only from Drachenberg, which is a very pleasant hill nearby. We are planing another trip to Grunewald, but probably in Winter.

Surprise guests

I was expecting some wildlife in my window boxes, but this really exceeded my expectations!

Spring is coming after all

I’m very happy to announce that there will be Spring this year, and maybe quite soon. And here’s the proof.


5 days in Prague. Yeah, again. I felt like i had to go back after a short visit in summer. And 5 days it’s not enough, of course, but I think I used the time well. I stayed in Žižkov district, which is very close to the center (2 tram stops or 20 min walk), but much cheaper, and feels like a normal city, not a tourist circus you have in the Old Town. It has very interesting parts too. There’s a an ugly TV Tower, with David Černý’s babies crawling up and down. There’s a Jaroslav Hašek’s  monument. A cubistic chapell. Franz Kafka’s and Ota Pavel’s grave at the New Jewish Cementery.

I fell into a pleasant routine. A walk in Žižkov in the morning, and then visiting museums in the center of town. In the late afternoon – lunch/dinner in Moment, and later a beer in Republika Žižkov. I went to U Vystřeleného Oka once, but, as much as it felt very much as a local pub, it also was filled with a thick cloud of cigarette smoke. So instead I was going every night to the only non-smoking pub in Žižkov.

Museums. Mucha Museum, Kafka Museum, Stone Bell House, Museum Kampa, Veletržní Palác, Hollar Gallery, Bílkova vila. A lot of really good Czech (mostly, but not not only) art, most of the artist I didn’t know before. I was very happy to see some Vladimir Boudnik’s works (he was a friend of a writer Bohumil Hrabal (which I love)) I was really impressed with collection in Veletržní Palác. Went there twice, it’s too much to do it all in one go.

In Republika Žižkov they had a very good beer from Kocour Brewery, I also tried something which could easly become my favourite winter drink – hruszka z hruszkou (pear with pear): warmed up pear juice infused with a pear schnaps. I was very lucky to meet the owner, Pavel Trojan (historian and lover of Žižkov, author of a Žižkov guide), apparently he appears there only once a year. I spent a very nice evening bothering him about zizkov and Czech movies (but apparently he likes polish ones better!)

There is one thing I am really impressed with in Prague, and it’s a public transport. Almost as good as in Berlin. But much cheaper. (Which I suppose levels whatever might be worse)

And… I would like to go there again. Maybe in the spring…



We grow chilli in our windowboxes – 2 plants of jalapeño and one of bhut jolokia. Most of them are ripe so we decided to make salsa. Actually 4 different salsas. I made 2 very mild and Johan made 2 very spicy ones.


A very nice few days in Prague. Of course a few days is not enough to see even a fraction of what this city has to offer. We had a very good time. Old Town and Castle bit too crowded, but I spent a very nice day in Libeň, trying to trace some place associated with Bohumil Hrabal, one of my favourite writers.

Johan and I climbed Petřínská Rozhledna, from which we saw wonderful panoramas of Prague.

We are planning on going again, as it’s just 4,5 hours by train from Berlin.

Wonderful visit

A very nice visit of a friend from London. We have similar tastes and interests, so sightseeing together was a delight. Two highlights.

And now I have a cold. No, not because of visiting. I have it from Johan. Johan had it and he gave it to me and now I have it.