We grow chilli in our windowboxes – 2 plants of jalapeño and one of bhut jolokia. Most of them are ripe so we decided to make salsa. Actually 4 different salsas. I made 2 very mild and Johan made 2 very spicy ones.


A very nice few days in Prague. Of course a few days is not enough to see even a fraction of what this city has to offer. We had a very good time. Old Town and Castle bit too crowded, but I spent a very nice day in Libeň, trying to trace some place associated with Bohumil Hrabal, one of my favourite writers.

Johan and I climbed Petřínská Rozhledna, from which we saw wonderful panoramas of Prague.

We are planning on going again, as it’s just 4,5 hours by train from Berlin.

Wonderful visit

A very nice visit of a friend from London. We have similar tastes and interests, so sightseeing together was a delight. Two highlights.

And now I have a cold. No, not because of visiting. I have it from Johan. Johan had it and he gave it to me and now I have it.